New Music Friday – Fresh Shizz We’re Listening To

A tonne of new music has surfaced this magical Friday, and it bares the all the spellbinding ingredients of a menu to be reckoned with.

Jimothy Lacoste – ‘Describe My Life

Punchy and full of incense, Jimothy Lacoste collaborates with the talented Joss Ryan to produce a dance forward beat for a Friday night. Encompassing all the ingredients needed for a prelude to a trippy night, ‘Describe My Life‘ is a winner of a track to jump-start the weekend.

Deyah – ‘Hush

Spraying an aroma of linguistical fire, Hip-Hop artist Deyah kicks some serious eyebrows up on a track you can sense both haste and story on. The rapper’s latest track has been included on a plethora of playlists including Capital FM, BBC and Spotify and it’s no surprise upon hearing the latest from the award winning artist.

Cam Thomas – ‘Financial Times

The contentious argument for ‘Hip-Hop isn’t the same’ rages on, yet we forget that a monumental amount of rappers go unnoticed and that the underground is still going strong. Cam Thomas is one of those artists equipped with style, skill and flow. His latest ‘Financial Times‘ is a palette of storytelling and traditional Hip-Hop wizardry. ‘Til Proven Guilty‘ and ‘Deadstock‘ are high recommendations on what we think is the album of the moment.

Nia Wyn – ‘Don’t Rely On Me

Having recently dropped a banger of a new EP ‘Take A Seat‘, Nia Wyn outed herself as a consistent artist who naturally exudes soulful sound. ‘Don’t Rely On Me‘ is an honest and personal account which becomes more so, the more you listen to it. Classic Wyn beats and strings lace this canvas through a matter of fact brush.

Lord Apex – ‘I Need A Light& ‘Like You Know’

Are you into Hip-Hop? Well, damn are you in for a listen. Lord Apex‘s latest outing which dropped late last month is still a banger and continuously finding its way back into the ears to slap our eardrums. As ill as it gets, ‘Like I Know‘ comes across effortless and ‘I Need A Light‘ in particular is incredible.

Iyamah – ‘Tough Love

Beautifully constructed, Iyamah yet again delivers not long after dropping ‘Truth EP.2‘, with an 8 track score that holds up her idiosyncratic vocals that just blow you away. Her latest is something Iyamah fans will be enamored by in a portfolio that is quickly growing and quite simply gets better and better.

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