This Is Why Palestinians Are Being Evicted From Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli authorities continue to press occupied Palestinian peoples in the Jerusalem district of Sheikh Jarrah. Here, we provide a brief history of why they’re being illegally evicted.

Palestine has long been a nation dating back to before British colonial rule as a home to many cultures and identities most notably and collectively known as Palestinians.

In 1948, following the end of the second world war, people mostly of European descent declared Israel to be a state following years of terror attacks on strategic British outposts alongside backdoor negotiations between European powers. The declaration was not recognized at the time and continues to be the subject of debate to this day.

A map of historic Palestinian land loss.

Very few recognize Palestine, though claim to stand up for their rights whilst also upholding the statehood of Israel. A contradiction of standpoint. Much of the conflict is upheld on the idea of a Jewish homeland, though many disagree including Jewish scholars and intellectuals.

Forced and illegal ejections of Palestinian people continue to this day, and the latest bout of forced evictions in the Old City of Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah have raised many an eyebrow. These evictions have been planned for some time and are a violation of Palestinian human rights not only due to the process, but the way in which Palestinians have been targeted and physically injured due to the heavy handedness of the Israeli authorities. More than 9,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed since 1948.

Israeli decree guarantees all Jewish people from across the world, a place to live in Israel at the expense of a non-Jewish person. This is part of what is known as ‘Zionism‘, which is entirely separate from Judaism.

Palestinian families, no matter their age, belief or identity are being forcibly removed by the Israeli state in the name of what they call “their destiny”. This is why Palestinians are protesting. More European nations and powers must stand up to ensure the rights of Palestinians are protected.

You can support Palestinian refugees fleeing persecution and violence by contacting a number of charitable and non-governmental organizations including UNRWA, Red Cross (Red Crescent). You can find out more regarding rights violations by visiting Human Rights Watch.

Photography: EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

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