Music Mondays: New Tracks For Your New Week

Kicking off the week with some insanely indulgent work that is top of the range.

Chisara Agor – ‘Better Man’/’Forever’

Multi talented artist Chisara has kept the scene abuzz with her incredible new works ‘Better Man‘ and ‘Forever‘. Both have very different content and flow offering up deeply lit music to enthrall and entice over and over again.

Hongza – ‘Gen Z‘ (EP)

Hongza has been dripping a lot of new music in the run up to his new EP Gen Z. The time has come and he has provided us with the mother ship of his singles of late which focuses on the subcultures and elements of generation-z and all that is in between. His first single from the new drop ‘Accolades‘ is one of particular note, but it doesn’t stop there with plenty more to open your ears up to.

Support the artist:

Remi Wolf – ‘We Love Dogs’ (Remix album)

You may have heard Remi Wolf’s wonderfully constructed song ‘Hello, Hello, Hello‘ in the Apple adverts. Now you can experience a plethora of remixes of her music in new album ‘We Love Dogs‘, a follow up to her debut ‘I’m Allergic To Dogs‘ whilst dancing your ass off to them.

Harrison Walker – ‘Commitments’

Harrison Walker has kicked out another banger in the form of new track ‘Commitments‘. His soulful vocals crystalize with a smooth track. Walker said: ““It starts as two people just having fun with each other and seeing where things go, then from where the song switches up it turns to a more romantic relationship and they end up together basically.”

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