Laura Roy: “I grew up in a very rural place in eastern Canada and was always surrounded by such beauty in nature”

Laura Roy is one to watch out for with a portfolio that is worth its weight in gold.

The sound of a truly soulful artist is felt through the energy they emit. Laura Roy‘s profound lyrics not only tell a story, but the intensity and energy she embeds within her work remains with the listener thereafter.

Her duet with ‘Geo‘ ‘Light is powerful‘ equally delivers where both artists compliment each other and Roy continues to surprise with her piercing vocals and acoustic brilliance.

SL: Your latest single is ‘Water’ and your upcoming EP ‘Tides’ what inspired their titles and creation?

LR: A lot of the music from the EP is inspired by nature and rediscovering my connection to it. I grew up in a very rural place in eastern Canada and was always surrounded by such beauty in nature. As I grew older, I moved farther and farther away from that, and was often living in cities. I think along the way I got a bit disconnected, but this music was written in a time when I was very reflected and feeling a sense of homecoming within myself and my experiences. The music is much more introspective than some of my past releases. I talk about nature, life, death, mental health, society…

SL: What should people know about your work and how did you find your musical style?

LR: I don’t really think they need to know anything, just listen and if you feel connected to it, great. I would say I am still finding my musical style, and possibly will always be. It’s always evolving and changing depending on my circumstances, inspirations, experiences. But I will say that I was heavily influenced by folk/singer-songwriter music, and 90s r&b growing up. I’ve started to produce my own music now as well which is shaping a newer sound for my music. 

SL: What was the first album you owned and how did it impact your career?

LR: I have no idea. But I will say Avril Lavigne would have been one. She was Canadian and also from a tiny town, which I remember really inspired me. 

SL:You’re originally from Canada, what prompted the move to the UK?

LR: Curiosity. I literally played a small show in London, fell in love with the city’s energy and 6 months later moved my whole life here without really knowing anyone. It was solely based off of a gut feeling I had.

SL: Do you think your style has changed since you arrived?

LR: Of course. So much. It’s always changing?

SL: What pressures do you feel as an artist and how do you mitigate them?

LR: The pressure to constantly pump out content for social media. It’s a difficult balance and a full time job. It’s especially difficult when you want to just focus on the creative process and block all of that out. 

SL: What do you plan for when lock down fully ends?

LR: Performing in a venue, full of PEOPLE! I can’t wait.

SL: What have you learnt on a personal level about your work since it (lock down) began?

LR: That I am capable of so much. I want to always strive to learn more skills and grow as an artist. 

SL: Do you have an album in the works?

LR: Always. 

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