Amnesty Decries Israel’s Actions As They Continue To Bombard Palestine And Death Toll Grows

• A lack of oversight and political support for Palestinians is allowing Israel to continue indiscriminate bombing.

• Human rights groups warn Israeli actions amount to “war crimes”

Human rights groups have spoken of their concern for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as the IDF continues to batter civilian buildings.

Overnight the death toll has exponentially grown from 83 to 109 including 28 children.

Saleh Higazi, deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International said of the situation: “Deliberate targeting of civilian objects and extensive, unjustified destruction of property are war crimes. Destroying entire multi-storey homes making tens of families homeless amounts to collective punishment of the Palestinian population and is a breach of international law,”

She added: “This escalation is reminiscent of horrific hostilities from 2008, 2012, and 2014 where civilians bore the brunt of the suffering, with massive death and destruction in Gaza, which has been under an illegal blockade amounting to collective punishment since 2007.”

Israeli human rights organisation B’TSelem released a statement saying: “Bombing apartment towers, which are not a military target and leaving dozens of families homeless, is a war crime.”

Image: B’TSelem

President Joe Biden continues to ignore global outcry for the protection of Palestinian civilians by refusing to clarify his previous statements.

He said that “Israel has a right to defend itself” but fell short of saying Palestinians have that same right sparking the frustration of human rights groups and lawyers.

Israel is rumoured to be preparing a ground invasion and is currently shelling and performing airstrikes from the border with Gaza where hundreds of troops amassed.

Photograph: United Nations

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