New ‘Ish Out Here – Add These Songs To Your Playlists

New music to drop to your weekend list and shuffle from electronic alternatives to drill and RnB.

Ghostface600 – ‘Paper Planes

With melody and poetry Ghostface600 wraps his linguistical flow around a beat that can charm the ears of those unintersted in drill. His latest features a video that blends with a track that supports his artistry, mask and all.

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Chemical Brothers – ‘The Darkness That You Fear

A laid back embrace of CB with a slightly different tone that will infuse an equable state of being. The Chemical Brothers are back with work that sees them evolve into a new realm of production in ‘The Darkness That You Fear‘.

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Laura Roy -‘Not Afraid’

The second single from her upcoming EP ‘Tides‘ London based artist Laura Roy releases ‘Not Afraid‘ where she tussles with the prospect of losing out despite efforts put into relationships. A stroke of production genius and delivery, this piece is perfect for the weekend.

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J.Cole – ‘Interlude’

Whoever thought the same vocal tone can be delivered in style? J.Cole is a master of musical wave with a penchant for offering something different with each outing and his latest release is something to talk about.

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