Italian Port Workers Refuse To Load Weapons Shipment Bound For Israel

Italian workers at the port of Livorno make a stand against Israeli violence.

Workers at a port in the Tuscan city of Livorno discovered that a shipment they were due to load was pacakge of arms destined for the Israeli port of Ashdod.

USB, L’Unione Sindacale di Base said in a statement: “The port of Livorno will not be an accomplice in the massacre of the Palestinian people”

The port workers union continued: “weapons and explosives that will serve to kill the Palestinian population, already hit by a severe attack this very night, which caused hundreds of civilian victims, including many children.”

Genoa based human rights organization ‘The Weapon Watch‘ advised port workers of the situation saying: “suspending some or all Italian military exports to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict areas.”

The shipment eventually left but has highlighted the plight of the Palestinian people in an operation causing huge international outcry and has been labeled as ‘ethnic cleansing’ by many.

President Joe Biden asked for a ceasefire but contradicted this call, approving $735 million of arms to the Israeli government.

Photography: United Nations Photo

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