New Viking Movie Starring Björk Gets Release date

New Roger Eggers movie starring singer and artist Björk has been given room to breathe.

Director of ‘The Witch‘ and ‘The LighthouseRoger Eggers‘ new viking movie titled ‘The Northman‘ has been given a release date of 2022.

The movie was delayed due to production and scheduling issues hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. New protocols have been put in place for movie production which include regular testing and distancing regulations.

Eggers rose to prominence with his horror film ‘The Witch‘ noted for its sense of atmosphere, suspense and psychological attributes. His style encompasses a surrealist and dreamlike approach ideal for the Icelandic singer.

The movie is based in her home country and is set in the 10th century about a Nordic prince who sets out to avenge his murdered father, where Björk plays a character named ‘the slav witch‘.

The movie was reportedly put to the director by Alexander Skarsgård (Big Little Lies) and was written by Eggers in collaboration with Icelandic writer/poet Sjón. Sjón has previously worked with Björk.

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