New Sounds For Your Music Wardrobe

A dose of music for your fun Friday with liquid droplets while you’re stuck inside.

Geo Jordan – ‘Better’

There’s a succinct vibe about this one, with a narrative that flows as heavy as the way too much coffee he feels he needs in his video. Geo Jordan cracks the eggs of a crazy formula here as he dabbles in a fun video jousting with the funimatics of directing in lock down where he gives us a 360 of his life in a day and ticks the boxes of wavy flows and lyrical composition. ‘Better‘ will start your day off better, that’s for sure.

Pritt & S.A.M. – ‘Drowning’

South London based artist ‘Pritt‘ has been making noises for a minute and her latest work of heart ‘Drowning‘ features singer ‘S.A.M.‘ for a composition that follows the trials of a relationship haunted by timing issues that promises more. Drowning is taken from Pritt’s soon to drop EP ‘Take 2‘.

Wax – ‘Trading Places

Wax is dropping some petrol right now, lighting it as he walks away with an effortless diamond to spark what is missed. There is a laid back approach to his latest over a beat he produced himself with Mojo. On a track where he professes his lyrical prowess and takes down rivals through their actions. Its a dope remedy by itself.

Audrey Nuna – ‘Space’ & ‘Blossom’

It’s not as obvious as it sounds. ‘Space‘ needs a good listen to soak up the content it divulges. Audrey Nuna is an R&B sensation waiting to explode. Each release has been a privilege to hear and although ‘Space‘ is a month old, her soon to drop album means it is an obligation to share this specimen once more before it does.

On ‘Space‘, she shares : “My Korean heritage naturally shows up in all my art because it’s my identity. But I don’t force it. I’m just being myself and don’t feel like I have to prove anything.”

Blossom‘ was revealed as the outro for the new album, which although a sign off, is almost a stroke of brilliance from the artist who gathers steam as the album is ending. Nuna said: “Blossom is a song about growing up. My grandma recently told me about her childhood and how she had to flee a war by foot. I’m happy I was able to put her voice in the outro.

Last Night In Paris – ‘Crash

With some skill, ‘Crash‘ performs anything but that, with a barely 2 minute long song concisely demonstrating ill lyricism in a welcoming of flow of second nature. A perfectly cut creation that will satisfy both sides of the court, Last Night In Paris present a short but sweet demo of superiority.

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