Watch: Short Film ‘Fardosa’ Offers A Celestial Tale Of Identity

Coming-of-age short film premiered by Nowness drills purpose back into cinema.

Poetic, dreamlike and riddled with identity driven story that utilises phenomenal cinematography, the short film ‘Fardosa’ which stars first time actors is an ethereal watch for those interested in the ideas of new cinema.

It proves to be a winning formula with compositions filled with depth that taunt the thoughts of the audience.

Powered by raw substance, phone clips and home sentiment, the movie sees its protagonist Fardosa detail a recurring nightmare about a forest. You’ll be forgiven for thinking it begins like a horror movie, but this Somali short film is not.

The film is shot using an entire cast of Finnish-Somali actors produced by co-stars Rukia Mahamed and Iqlaas Osman. This is their first outing as both directors, writers and as actors, supported by Saamia Mohamud, Sabah Mohamud, Marian Juuni and Saamia Kinzi Roble.

The movie is a coming-of-age tale of a person who feels both comfortable and on edge about her existence. This becomes apparent as the story continues.

Rukia Mahamed, co-star and co-director said: “Personally to me it’s a film about a girl that always is willing to put others first and trying to please her family and friends until she starts to lose herself in everyone’s world.”…”Sometimes she just wants to disappear in her own peaceful world.”

You can watch Fardosa below via Nowness’ YouTube channel.

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