Vice Doc On Palestine: “They Destroyed The Doors And Beat Us, Our Children And Women”

The latest bout of violence in the Middle East has been a destructive pursuance of ethnic cleansing. Using lethal force against Palestinians, Israel has continued to violate international law.

Vice News has produced a short documentary explaining the difficulties faced by Palestinians since the latest escalation of violence providing insight that many news outlets have failed to provide.

Concisely and comprehensively detailing the destruction being waged by the Israeli state and its settler programme, Vice News reporter Hind Hassan delves into topical issues that continue to be contested and upheld by major power states including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Hassan visits an American who has settled in Israel known as ‘Jacob’ to probe his justification for stealing someone’s home. He tells Hassan he needs “…to put the record straight” but ends up failing to justify stealing a home from a Palestinian family who have lived there for decades. He ends up in hot water failing to prepare for an interview and instead imparts a flawed logic.

In the video, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) can be seen breaking into homes, beating Palestinians, throwing stun grenades, using tear gas and spraying sewage laden water into crowds. The scenes make for disturbing viewing.

Watch the short documentary below:

This is not the only time Israel have come under scrutiny for their conduct. Several other productions have been made regarding the nation’s ideas which have become more and more nationalist since its creation in 1948. News outlet ‘The Nation’ published a video detailing the persecution of African migrants in the country and the state’s refusal to grant asylum to people fleeing genocide and violence.

It was also revealed in an article by The Guardian, that Israel offered to provide nuclear weapons to the then South African apartheid state, a telling characteristic of the country that is becoming increasingly nationalist. It has been buoyed by a lack of intervention from super powers including US President Joe Biden who openly declares himself a “proud Zionist”.

Watch the video below:

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