Stream Audrey Nuna’s Vital Listen ‘A Liquid Breakfast’ + Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The prolific songstress brings together a spectrum held together by bass heavy beats and attitude.

Inventive, vibrational and full of mixed media installments ‘A Liquid Breakfast‘ carries well the torch of representation for what the current state of music aspires to be.

Nuna opens up with a trio of tracks ‘Typical‘, ‘Comic Sans‘ and ‘damn Right‘ with beats of bass and vocal deliveries that sink into the ears with attractive compositions that juice a producer for all they are. Although Nuna doesn’t classify herself as a rapper, she definitely surpasses the skill sets of those who are.

Using tinny, electronic reverberations throughout, ‘A Liquid Breakfast‘ builds and maintains its identity as demonstrated on tracks like ‘Cool Kids‘, where Nuna lays down a baton of intent that could intimidate the hardest of artists.

But then we come to ‘Get Luv‘ where the album strays wildly from songs that came before it through soft vocal manipulations that blend well into ‘Baby Blues‘.

Then ‘Blossom‘ kicks in, it’s dope and we’ll leave it at that. ‘Space‘ is now regarded as a masterful well constructed classic and a highlight of the album, well paired with the track that follows – ‘Top Again‘ featuring Saba. ‘Long Year‘ simmers a mellowed out layer and walks away from the rest of the album’s digital and electronic amplifications, dishing out an ’80’s style ambience.

But as decent as this album is, it follows a trend of what feels like a lack of energy due to its short duration of songs throughout. ‘Typical‘, ‘Comic Sans‘ both last approximately 2 minutes each. ‘Baby Blues‘ and ‘Blossom‘ last just over one minute each until the last three tracks that save ‘A Liquid Breakfast’. But it can’t be avoided that this album is 26 minutes long. Whether this is because there is less money being paid out to musicians remains to be answered, though it is frustrating for fans expecting a deluxe album.

Even though these elements cloud what is a dope album, it is something incredible to pump out in your background. Anyone unaware of Audrey Nuna will be enticed by the sound of ‘A Liquid Breakfast’ though slightly let down by it’s short time span.

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