Kay Young Sends A Message In ‘Change’ (Video)

The piece of energy we need influenced by gentle piano keys sprinkled throughout. Kay Young honours George Floyd in new work using her skill as a conduit for “Change”.

Filled with moving tones it documents the increasingly difficult prejudice felt across the world. It’s an uphill battle to convince others that the constant of racism and xenophobia is fatal and debilitating, and in ‘Change’ rapper Kay Young professes well her sentiments on the issue.

Beginning with a poignant monologue filled with both hope and endurance to muster resilience it makes a U-turn away from your typical Hip-Hop canvas and drills home a memorandum on top of production many will be happy with.

It’s fair to say, that ‘Change‘ wasn’t made solely for the Hip-Hop community, but a global community for a topic made complicated for no reason at all. Young makes the point that there is much work to do, and that comes from making change. Listen to Kay’s brilliant pen stroke along with stunning visuals below.

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