China Lifts Birth Cap To Three Children

Announcement a major shift in policy, but many say women’s rights still at risk.

China lifted its one child policy in 2016, allowing couples to have two children. Today the country announced couples can now have up to 3 children. The move is likely to be for economic reasons. As China’s population increases so does it’s elderly demographic and there are signs the replacement level is not being met.

The official Xinhua news agency said: “…supportive measures, which will be conducive to improving our country’s population structure, fulfilling the country’s strategy of actively coping with an ageing population”

Other measures included support for tax and housing and legal help for women to clamp down on sky high dowries.

Data showed China falls short of the replacement rate for its population with a fertility rate of just 1.3 children per women, a similar level to Japan.

Photogaph: matt512

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