New Out: Aby Coulibaly & Monjola – ‘Where U At’

The Dublin based artist is one of the most exciting acts to take shape within the last year or so. She releases ‘Where U At’ today.

Ripping through the track with a style that is as infectious as its chorus, Aby Coulibaly teams up with rapper ‘Monjola’.

From the get go, Coulibaly catches attention on a three minute masterclass where the singer and rapper gel an impressive form of lyrical dispatch together. Interest never piques as it continues to climb the satisfying chemistry of ‘Where U At‘ embarking on an energy filled instrumental ensemble.

The pair collaborate on production that gets started right away utilising brass, piano and other acoustic elements resurrecting the callings of nostalgia over a fast tempo beat. It rarely stops, keeping pace throughout and Coulibaly yet again proves you should keep watch on what she releases.

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