Activists Say Earth Tax Strike Is A “highly effective form of protest”

Extinction Rebellion launch new initiative to withhold money from the government.

New video from activist network Extinction Rebellion says that withholding tax is the only language the UK government understand following a lack of action on climate breakdown.

In a video, 3 people including musician Dirk Campbell, author Jane Rogers and cancer biologist Alex Penson discuss their reasons for withholding tax from HMRC.

The three go on to say how the government likes to play the part of leading the way on climate change, but fail to take any meaningful action.

British taxes are used to subsidise oil projects (the highest in Europe) and bail out polluting organisations that fail to offset any change made at home in the UK.

Dirk Campbell concludes the video by saying: “Tax disobedience has been a highly effective form of protest throughout history. From magma carts to the suffragettes, Gandhi’s salt tax rebellion and the 1990 poll tax strike”

The video finishes stating those who have signed up to cease paying tax have written a letter to HMRC stating why they have chosen this action. They plan to donate it to the charity Wilderlands.

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