Israel Arrests Prominent Sheikh Jarrah Campaigner Muna Al-Kurd

The arrest, though short lived, outraged many as the world’s lens becomes more focused on Sheikh Jarrah.

Social media reports were surfacing on Sunday evening that Muna al-Kurd had been arrested from her home on Sunday night. Her brother, Mohammed al-Kurd, later also turned himself in and was later released.

Israeli authorities accused Muna al-Kurd of incitement of and participating in the Sheikh Jarrah protests though she was later released with no charge.

Film shared via social media showed her brother, Mohammed being met by his father following release.

Miss al-Kurd told reporters: “No matter what they do to terrorise and frighten us, no number of arrests will scare us off…”

“We will remain in our homes and we will continue to defend our land that we were born and raised on…”

Her brother, Mohammed said: “We are not afraid, we are not intimidated, we are going to continue to speak out against all of these injustices, and we’re going to continue to protect our homes.”

Their father later told journalists: “The weapons of the Palestinians are the camera, and the words, whereas the Israeli army is heavily armed.”

“The reason for the arrest is that we say that we will not leave our homes, and they do not want anyone to express his opinion, they do not want anyone to tell the truth.”

In the aftermath of the ceasefire, Israel launched another raid on Al Aqsa masjid. A recent 11 day attack on the Gaza Strip by Israel left more than 250 people dead which included 66 children following a prior raid on Al Aqsa.

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