Remi Wolf’s Latest ‘Liz’ Showcases Her Vocal Dynamicity As A Tribute To Supporters

The fan favourite is an incredible switch on and up for the artist who continues to impress.

Following on from her latest EP ‘We Love Dogs’ that features an insane amount of musical madness that flows and follows her powerful vocals, Remi Wolf’s latest is nothing short of that.

“I’ve been performing ‘Liz’ on tour for forever and to finally have a studio version I’m proud of and can share with my OG babies feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. This record shows a different side of my work. I felt so happy and free creating this song and I hope it makes whoever is listening feel the same.”

The singer shared a little about the track: “I wanted to share ‘Liz’ as a gift to my little Remjobs who have been with me since the beginning and have been asking for this song everyday over the last few years,”

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