Pa Salieu And Slowthai Are ‘Glidin’ In Colourful New Visuals

Hip-Hop pair resurrect the spirit of Hype Williams in new video for ‘Glidin’.

Directed by KC Locke Salieu offers a colourful revision of the current state of Hip-Hop with a banging beat and flow to trip many into deliberate dance floor moves.

The Coventry based, Slough born rapper Pa Salieu recruits Slowthai to help entertain a track that assists the pushing of a UK scene that has quite frankly become a little stale. Enter Glidin’ with it’s remedial Hip-Hop blender to redirect and reinvigorate a scene in need of medicinal interventions and a 180 degree turn away from dry trend influenced visuals of late. Simply put – It’s dope!

Stream, watch and support the artists below:

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