Opinion: G7 Is Nothing More Than An Exclusive Club By Invitation Only

Forum consisting of the world’s 7 largest economies is big on talk but lacks substance.

The G7 Cornwall summit is now in full swing with promises galore being thrown around and self patting on the back from each other.

Johnson’s opening speech was a fumbled mumbled mess of nothing more than someone winging their way through an exam they were ill prepared for. While members talk about the right issues, there is a lack of progress on many, if any at all.

Climate Change has long been sought as a high level priority issue though advancements to mitigate the risks have fallen short of any targets. If anything, scratches instead of dents have been made with promises being broken left, right and centre.

Johnson travelled to the summit with climate breakdown big on the agenda. Though in a face-palm moment, flew to Cornwall in a private jet polluting his way there like many of his policies.

This is a ‘Prime Minister’ who continues to try and copy and paste political ideas from other countries, such as flying the flag every square inch, creating an Air Force one style project for the Prime Minister’s office and Downing Street’s very own press room in attempts to mimic Russia and the United States. He may have given up his US passport, but his infatuation with the country is clearly still alive.

Anything Johnson says is to be taken with a pinch of salt considering the lack of offensive made to reduce the firestorm that is climate change. Fracking is still legal and subsidies are still available to multinational organisations mining petroleum and gas.

Uyghur Muslims still face persecution in China, and little will be done to ensure their safety while factories still make mobiles in the country.

But the biggest upset at the G7 is a failure to allow developing nations to attend as guest speakers like India, Australia, South Korea and South Africa have.

Quite clearly, anyone with something to offer the world’s richest nations will be given the chance to network, while adversaries and developing nations will be sidelined. What’s more, states not in attendance are those that suffer most from the repercussions of climate change. If anything, they deserve a seat at the table more than the 7 nation member states. It is an embarrassment upon embarrassment as leaders toast a history of no achievements.

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