Powerful, Catchy And Memorable – New Music Out Now

New music out this week tenderizes the soul and beats the ground with your feet.

Mimi Webb – ‘Dumb Love’

It’s an infectious track, and Mimi Webb excavates a powerful tune licked full of depth from the quarry of her material. There’s no doubting the quality she exudes here, as she pairs it with a video narrative to match.

Pollena – ‘Stand Up’

Laden with synths and messaging, Pollena returns with another track you can step to. ‘Stand Up’ beats the drum of positive thinking as we find ourselves bouncing back from lock down.

Pollena said: “This year more than ever we’re ready for real change,” says Pollena of her latest release. “’Stand Up’ is about giving people the confidence they need to make that change happen. Don’t just accept things as they are, don’t just go ‘back to normal’. It’s about expecting something better”

Abisha – ‘If You Were Mine’

This is Abisha’s first time exploring garage with a high tempo that explodes into classic signatures of the dance genre. She nails the formula adding ‘If Your We’re Mine’ to a cluster of garage classics.

The track explores what it means to be in a healthy relationship and what that is to the artist. Abisha said: “I’m making sure that they know that they are loved and never have to doubt that, no matter what.”….“Every song I release is always going to be about a girl. My music will always be pride focused. I always want people who are queer to relate to my music and also normalize it to encourage people to be accepting of whoever they are.”

Tia Lowe – ‘GLDN’

Classic R&B vibes wax a production that’s as smooth as its delivery. Tia Lowe spreads verses of positivity alongside a message to love and accept yourself. ‘GLDN‘ adds to a growing number of works that hint at the superficial but strike for the authentic.

Aquilo – ‘Out In LA’

Smashing more than 250 million streams, Aquilo are the masters of powerful, minimalist works. They’re back with a change of direction as they release new track ‘Out In LA’ remaining true to their roots.

They said of the track “LA holds a special place in our hearts but this time it really got the better of us. We came home and decided to start a side project and leave Aquilo alone for a while. A week or so after we got home to the UK, we wrote this song. This song was the first of many to pull us into a new creative headspace. Friends convinced us the side project wasn’t a side project but the new Aquilo album. There is now a full album coming in October, and we’ve never been more excited and proud to bring something to life.”

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