Anna Leone Gives Us Something To ‘Remember’ With Beautiful Guitar Work + Album Announcement

The Swedish talent recently announced her debut album following a string of beautiful works.

Anna Leone’s calming strums from an instrument she has come to embody as a credulous part of her portfolio continue in new work ‘Remember’.

It deals with the notion of anxiousness and internal feelings of tumultuous thoughts, and the pangs of pressure we nurse through an ongoing battle to restructure life through the lens of shattered actions.

Over the past year, the singer-songwriter has introduced a string of works which she has carefully curated alongside visuals. Their balance has enshrined a portfolio to remember as she edges closer towards her debut album ‘I’ve Felt All These Things’ due for release this September 10th.

Speaking of her latest, she says: “It deals with the promises we make to ourselves and others, and the way it can be a struggle to hold yourself accountable. It’s also about allowing yourself to be hopeful.”

I’ve Felt All These Things’ is co-produced by Paul Butler and is available to pre-save now.

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