Apex Zero: ‘Set Our Sights’- An Insanely Dope Piece Of Rhyming

A palpable musical mentorship of rhyme and music arrives in the shape of ‘Set Our Sights’.

The latest release from Apex Zero has been smashing its way through the internet of late, taming magazines, blogs and critics, centering him on a path he sets out in a manifesto of Hip-Hop. His latest ‘Set Our Sights‘ fills the cup of its 3 minute production for most of its duration. A rarity in the industry for the past few years.

Like a missile piercing through the ambience of today’s scene, he picks apart the competition throwing down the gauntlet of poetic substance partnered by the visual cues of a video to match. Directed by Jack Diggs, it presents an atmosphere to the viewer perfectly in line with the tone and ether reported in ‘Set Our Sights‘, matching the wanderings of what I would presume many to imagine its video to look like.

It came out of nowhere, but Zero’s latest is going somewhere, along with the skill he effuses on a production by the talented wizard known as ‘Manage‘, who fills its canvas beautifully with strings, synths and more.

Set Our Sights‘ is out now on all major platforms.

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