Dylan Cartlidge – ‘Hope Above Adversity’ Drops And It Is Stunning

From the easily recognizable cover image to the banging melodies played out by the artist, ‘Hope Above Adversity’ promises and delivers.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

As soon as you press play, you know you’re going to want to listen to this stunner of an album from start to finish. Full of colourful rhetoric, parade like anthems Dylan Cartlidge has clearly been to work on a project with careful precision and consideration.

It’s composition, both rich and chord striking for a wide spread of people opens up airwaves for more than just music heads as Cartlidge sings, prances and gallivants his way through a 12 track LP that is a rarity of a release.

This drop of a gem goes deeper recording Dylan’s story of overcoming a challenging life following a traumatic upbringing and time in care.

Discussing the album, Cartlidge said: “My trauma and adversity in childhood made me feel voiceless and destined for the worst. One day, I decided to use my experiences to create the hope for others that I so much lacked. My first album, ‘Hope Above Adversity’, is my voice. It is an artistic statement of post traumatic growth and overcoming adversity through holding on to hope. Created alongside world class producers and engineers such as Eg White, James Dring, Dan Parry and Ed from Glass Animals, ‘Hope Above Adversity’ is just the beginning of my story.” 

The project was compiled alongside a range of talents that include singer Ed Irwin (of Glass Animals) and producer Eg White (Adele, Florence & The Machine, Sam Smith).

But it is the lead single that captures attention. ‘Dare to dream‘ rages into the reception of the album like the opening of a movie soundtrack (which I expect many of his works to be included in) threading gospel like content and delivery.

Dylan said: “The song is a call to arms for all the daydreamers and get-a-real-jobists out there. To proclaim that even if you fall flat on your face, a chance not taken is an opportunity missed. It’s a track I worked on with friend and producer, Eg White who helped to take the track to another stratosphere with his lively, classical music sensibilities, knowledge and experience.”

It is followed by my favourite track ‘Anything Could Happen’, and both songs are enough of an introduction to shimmy you into an unbelievable listening experience.

If you’re looking for something unique and inspiring then you can easily sink your ears into ‘Hope Above Adversity’ as it has a range of works for all and I have no problem giving it 5 stars and only the third joint to receive one from us.

This exceptional album by Dylan Cartlidge does more than impress as it leaves us with a sense of encore.

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