Climate: The Signs Are All There, But We Keep Driving Through The Red Light

What will it take for us to act upon a crisis that brews its own rules and churns ecological threats to reality?

Climate breakdown is an unpredictable turn of events, gnawing through the fabric of economic fuel we have set for ourselves to ‘advance’ ‘civilization’. With it, it brings a cloud of unavoidable catastrophe that will surely prompt the human into action?

Emergency sirens sound throughout the night in European settlements regularly, a necessary that is unfortunately not afforded to those fighting unnatural nature in developing nations. More than a 100 people have been declared dead in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands from a devastating flood made more likely by climate breakdown, an event that could have been prevented had we acted sooner. Many more are still missing, as loved ones frantically move for clarification as to their whereabouts.

In the United States, fire season brings with it uncertainty each year, spreading quicker and more violently, tearing through homes, wildlife and people. Evacuations are the norm, with education slowly being rattled out to schools, the public and anyone living within the vicinity of it’s cauldron. And one that is spilling over as far as it can reach.

Before and after picture from the flooding of Shuld, Germany

The plumes of smoke it produces creates its own cloud system, one that can further the unforgiving spree of fire through self induced lightning. So visceral, that authorities have issued warnings to the public to be ready to flee home should unsuspecting natural violence emerge.

The apathy that takes hold, is firmed by climate change’s slow offensive, but one that quickly absorbs into the atmosphere of Earth’s ecosystem, bringing with it a pilot of discontent into the mainstream that many celebrate as ‘warmer days’ but in actuality, is the pan to the stove warming up.

What happened to naming periods of extreme heat? What happened to the readiness to battle climate change beyond deadlines an incredible 20-30 years away? This conflict started long ago, and like a virus it has seeped into the veins of the planet’s sanity and our willingness to take action.

A flooded quarry that has engulfed and swallowed homes in Erftstadt, Germany.
Photo credit: Bezirksregierung Köln/Rhein-Erft-Kreis

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