Ashwarya Dishes Up An Ep Better Than Biryani With ‘Nocturnal Hours’

She’s making noise, literally! having signed to a label of the same name, it seems to have projected her career in the right direction. ‘Nocturnal Hours‘ is evidence of that.

Having signed to Jarrad Rogers‘ label ‘Noize‘, the Australian producer has a gem in the form of new artist ‘Ashwarya‘ evident in the release of her latest EP ‘Nocturnal Hours‘, a jelly of exuberant flow, bold beats and bass.

The artist has in the past released a number of works showcasing on MTV in succession, including ‘Biryani‘ where she declares her affection for a person beyond the sensations and deliciousness of the aforementioned.

Her music is a forward thinking bouncy castle of moods where she compliments her vision in music videos that catch the sediments of ’90s esq pop videos that could be directed by Hype Williams. Though her art tunnels its own path on delectable tracks that include her single ‘Psycho hole‘.

If you’re down to try something new, then sink your teeth into this spectrum of a release, and one you can bump in any scenario.

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