Kanye’s Latest Drop ‘Donda’ Is Out On Friday And Created So Much Hype With Little PR

Yeezy’s latest work is set for release this Friday following a secret listening party. But no one knows much about it.

It’s safe to say Yeezy has collected a huge following from his years as one of Hip-Hop’s biggest superstars. His works include some of music’s biggest hits and have caused huge cultural shifts in both musical trends and fashion arguably popularising the divisive auto-tune.

Without a launch party, his latest drop ‘Donda’ is without much detail except for rumours of features and production notes that include his mother, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Lil’ Baby, Post Malone and Tyler The Creator. Tyler was filmed in the studio with West fuelling little doubt that the two would feature on a project together.

It’s said that a listening party took place in LA this weekend just gone, but people are still tight lipped about it.

However, it is still yet to be seen whether Kanye can recover from a lacklustre last few projects where he set up artists such as Nas to stumble. Nas himself could not perform on the few tracks not suited to his style, but his recovery came quick following the release of his album ‘King’s Disease’. Still, Kanye has always impressed on solo efforts and we expect nothing short of that for ‘Donda’.

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