Ayo Jordan: “The good, bad & ugly is what I put in my music”

Ayo Jordan explains the energy of his music and reflects on his work.

Photography: Ty Faruki

Hip-Hop is full of facets of artistic expression, thought and memory recall. Its story driven core takes many forms, but amongst the grit and grain of it, a matrix of self and identity is what sets most rappers apart.

Ayo Jordan is one of those artists who puts expression and tenacity into the music he creates, letting feeling and energy lead the way. We sit to talk with the London based rapper as he prepares to release new material later this year.

SL: Tell us about yourself, how did you start in music?

Ayo: I started recording music at the age of 10-11. It was as always a passion of mine. Always wanted to be an entertainer.

SL: What should listeners understand about your work?

Ayo: Raw and uncut from a honest place. The good, bad & ugly is what I put in my music.

SL: Would you say you attach yourself to a particular genre?

Ayo: My heart is Rhythm & blues, my environment is Hip Hop and my lifestyle is of a fitness freak with a tint of rock star.

SL: What’s behind ‘IDGAF’?

Ayo: It was a tough time in my life where it seemed like no progress was happening. I use to have deep conversations with one of my closest friends all the time about how it will feel to be successful in the music business. He always use to tell me “Don’t rush, God always knows when the times right”.

SL: Do you work alongside different producers or do you prefer to keep a tight circle when it comes to production?

Ayo: Always open to collaborating with other artists and producers. Can’t stay in a box, I believe your sound & art should always be growing.

SL: The rise of the home studio is at its height right now and a lot of artists have a preference for one or the other. Where/how do you create your music?

Ayo: It’s been a tough one because I lost my old studio due to complications but I’m aiming to get a new one by the end of the year. Currently, bouncing from studio to studio recording because the show must go on. 

SL: What process do you go through to create a song? Are there any methods, rituals, systems you keep in place?

Ayo: I like the studio to be clean, so first, I’ll clean the place up even if it’s not a mess lol but It has to be clean, that’s a must. The main thing is being by myself. That’s when I’m at my best. Experimenting new things always.

SL: How has your local music scene contributed to your style?

Ayo: It has a huge impact on my style, but yet, I’m very different from the rest, but it has definitely contributed.

SL: What unsung hero has been influential to your work and do they know it?

Ayo: Goku from Dragon Ball is definitely my inspiration. I like how he always beats the odds and comes back stronger. That’s how I like to approach life not just music.

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