New Finds: Kae Sera’s Slow Jam ‘Dames Jean’ Is A Twilight Car Ride

Opting for a slow and smooth delivery, artist Kae Sera slows down a lost energy abundant in the industry.

Keeping in tone with the title of her track, Kae Sera’s ‘50s inspired jazz track slowly increases tempo as it progresses.

Sera said of the song: “…this track was written when I was exploring the idea of gender and identity. As part of the LGBT community myself, I turned James Dean into a Dame because I wanted to nod to the frame of mind I was in during a relationship when all was unclear. This music put me on pause and the love in that got stuck is a reference to wishing time would stop and allow me to not have to make a decision on where my heart was headed. Making this track gave me the ability to express my emotions and reflect on memories to make better life decisions.”

The singer is currently planning for her next release which she is excited to release.

Listen to Kae Sera’s work below:

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