Aaron Unknown Is Dope On New Track ‘Dangerous’ Alongside Nia Wyn

Dangerous‘ provides music with a slither of taste for all, calling attention to its content through a dope concoction of rap, soul and a production cache loaded with subtle bass and wavey snare snaps.

Hot off the heels of a nationwide tour announcement, Aaron Unknown has dropped new song ‘Dangerous‘ with frequent collaborator ‘Nia Wyn’.

Flowing wildly out of control (in a good way) the duet works well to balance the attack minded verses spat by Unknown, while Nia Wyn calms the listener with her soul strung vocals.

In a press release, an explanation for the track comes to light – “The track was made during the autumn lockdown of 2020 and focuses on the themes of feeling frustrated and trapped in the world around you that is out of your control.”

Produced by duo ‘Evil Genius‘, its production notes sample elements of a playful yet commanding thread of distinction. It simmers beneath the vocals Aaron Unknown casts unto the music provided by a talented duplet, and Nia Wyn guides us back to a condiment of soul. Filled with a syntax many will relate to through the years of on and off lockdowns, ‘Dangerous‘ is an ill track you’ll want to collect.

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