The Conservative Party Are Out Of Tune, Out Of Sync When It Comes To The Climate

Boris Johnson’s rhetoric surrounding climate change and ecological collapse astounds activists yet again.

The Conservative party yet again baffled and consigned us to the perplexing world of head scratching, having released a statement retorting flood damage throughout the country.

Johnson’s spokesperson Allegra Stratton suggested that washing machine users (less than 50% of the country) should not rinse dinner plates before putting them in the dishwasher.

Many came out to roast the controversial party for its lack of understanding and tone when it comes to ecological breakdown. Especially in the face of mass flooding across the world.

When asked how the public can combat climate change, Stratton even went as far as to say that joining another party might be beneficial: “When people say to me, ‘What can they do?’, they can do many things, they can join Greenpeace, they can join the Green Party, they can join the Tory party.”

Green Party co-leader Johnathan Bartley responded by saying: “After decades of inaction from both the Conservatives and Labour, we would absolutely agree with the government that joining the Green Party is the best thing people can do to help tackle climate change.”

Though these statements may be superficial at best, what isn’t, is the lack of comprehension regarding climate breakdown. Boris Johnson’s private flight from London to Cornwall for the G20 summit was one. Another, is the propping up of the oil and gas industry using public money as well as an inability to properly defend the country against coastal erosion and inland flooding.

Recently, places across the world stumbled as it reels from catastrophic flooding most likely caused by climate change. Germany, China, India and the UK exhibited disastrous inland flooding causing billions of pounds worth of damage.

London was overrun by heavy rainfall, something that triggered a lacklustre response from the government to rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher. This government is out of tune. If the Conservative party aren’t careful, before long we will be rinsing our plates in flood water instead.

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