10 Years On – “riots could happen again” In London

Thinkers, experts and politicians say the same conditions remain that led to the 2011 riots.

Much of the UK has been left cash strapped, even more so following the UK’s exit from the European Union. Racial injustice has never seen a hint of eradication and prejudice against Muslims, more so South Asians is the most ever recorded.

Writing in the Guardian, MP David Lammy criticizes the many compostable policies set out by the Conservative party saying – “In the 10 years since my constituency and many others went up in flames, a succession of Conservative prime ministers have failed to take the action that is needed to shield us from the sparks or dampen the fuel that create riots.”

He goes on to state how the then Prime Minister David Cameron, commissioned the “riots, communities and victims panel” to compile a report on how to tackle the issue before it occurs again. All of the steps recommended to the government were rejected outright, leaving a remaining air of if it could happen again.

Stop and search powers are woefully overused even with national reviews and cease orders in place. Other practices including ‘S60‘, a power designed to anticipate violence using hardened responses has led to only a 5% arrest rate and 1% for offensive weapons discoveries.

The catalyst for the London riots began with Mark Duggan, and with police brutality continuing to rise against people of colour, most notably the black community, there is a fear.

But this fear remains with minority communities who have seen increased attacks from far-right groups emboldened by a government who see basic human rights as a trivial matter.

There is no doubt that the same conditions remain but it is up to the government to act and begin to support and deconstruct items of a prejudice nature. Will it happen? With Boris Johnson at the helm, and a far right home secretary in charge, not likely.

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