Cam Thomas Readies Another Wave on ‘Entitlement’

New work from the Milton Keynes don creeps out again in the form of ‘Entitlement’.

The rapper has worked tirelessly to enshrine his work in Hip-Hop lore dropping his latest album ‘Financial Times’ to critical acclaim with singles to match.

This has followed in the form of ‘Entitlement’, a throwing down of the gauntlet in a scene of obscene skill sets that attempt to thrive over tired trends and strange noises.

In my opinion, Cam Thomas has no need to prove himself and his latest volley of work speaks for itself in a disconcerting Hip-Hop industry doing its best to put out product, but not work. Can Thomas presents pure Hip-Hop. ‘Entitlement’ is out now on all major platforms.

An interview with the man himself is coming soon.

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