Turkish Wildfires Continue To Spread In The Face Global Inaction Over Climate Breakdown

Authorities fear fires could spread further as many flee to safety.

The death toll in Turkey’s wildfires increased to six following the death of two firefighters who were tackling a blaze that continues to sweep through the country.

It has been days since the wildfires began, and although it is a yearly issue, 2021’s fires have been an extreme with violent flames hastened by increasing wind speeds.

Smoke from fires in Antalya and Mersin, Turkey, reached towards Cyprus, approximately 100 miles away.

Now fires have started in Bodrum, a popular beach resort frequented by tourists near the sea as meteorologists forecast temperatures as high as 47 Celsius.

An 82 year old man and a married couple were among the dead, including a volunteer firefighter.

Photo credit: Maxar Technologies

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