Does Anyone Know What’s Really Happening?

Adept emotional intelligence or in-depth promotional measurements?

As we scroll our phones and press buttons to activate their shutters, in the distance, a musk of background proverbial sayings are released across television screens alongside YouTube tutorials and travelogues. Sayings that say without meaning that were lost long ago.

What’s trending?’ A message relayed to garner interest from the masses, signalling to signal to others that we are indeed – one of the masses. Without understanding in snapshots of industry the happenings of global consequences, we can never truly be part of ‘what’s happening’ should we scroll in the wrong direction. We’re a consequence of someone else’s consequence, brushing over the strokes of someone else’s painting in a restoration of message that came before.

And here lies the problem. We’re so caught up in a web of what’s happening that we forget what’s really happening at all. We fall into the trap of TikTok, sticking to a trend of whatever is happening next, unaware of what lurks in the darkened corner of influencer silk.

But in upholding someone’s else art, we forget to paint our own. Forget, but not forgotten, sowing the seeds of another’s dream as if by hypnosis failing to remember that canvases come in all shapes and forms and that paint pots, can be owned for ourselves.

This world, isn’t round anymore, isn’t flat but isn’t square either. Chiselled from insufferable loneliness created from a need that never existed, born from twisted rhetoric and renewable technologies but never renewable energies, but distracting synergies.

Watch now before you…’, ‘don’t buy until you…’. It all seems rather deja vu, from one YouTube channel to the next, from one episode to another. The script remains a template, adjusted to suit the needs of no one but procrastination partnered with coffee and snacks.

Should we get it together? Or has evolution drawn us to a path of robotics, short attention spans and ‘shorter-the-better’ videos? We watch, but are we truly watching? Watching but not listening, listening, but not really.

They say content is king, but does content contain anything anymore for evermore?

Photo: Twm1340

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