Listen To Prince’s ‘Welcome 2 America”

The first posthumously released album from Prince renders classic elements of the artist with a message born from 2010 that is still relevant to this day.

Although the album feels slightly out of date to be released right now, it is nonetheless something that incorporates the stylish signature of Prince that allows us to run with the artist’s soulful yet eclectic sound that he un-apologetically slides off his mouth into the path of instrumentals reminiscent of the late symbol.

If you’re intrigued to hear more of the artist, it is a worthwhile matter of fact album with a core that retains it’s integrity with the strength of duration and a quality delivery.

Who knows if Prince wanted this material released, and that is always a topic of debate with music of a late artist. But it can be viewed as a historical piece for exhibition and a further delve into the singer’s music. Though it feels rushed, it isn’t the best representation of the ‘Purple Rain’ singer.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Photograph: Mike Ruiz

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