Wax Takes The Lead Off And Unleashes ‘Underdog’ Video

London based artist continues to impress with his latest drip feed in new video.

New on the scene and looking to hit the ground running, rapper ‘Wax’, continues to kick fire balls of a dope order, blazing mics with what he has to give.

Following the release of singles ‘Numbers’ and ‘Trading places’, ‘Underdogs’ follows the rise of an artist eager to make his mark.

On the track, he lets rip about the shortcomings of doing his best to get to the top, humouring his little brother and staying true to his roots as he kicks it with his crew in the music video (below).

A relaxed episode of Hip-Hop fancy with a hint of grime, ‘Underdogs’ is a release that will satisfy a myriad of music lovers.