IPCC Report: Complacencies Are The Root Cause Of Inaction

We’ve seen this movie before. Reports are unveiled, nothing is done.

It is like rewatching a horror movie. We know the ending, we know the acts and we definitely know it line for line.

A report enters the discourse of climate catastrophe, shocked faces are paraded on television along with statements of utter horror followed by calls to action.

But action is very little, if any at all.

The consequences that climate change wields are dire, and those affected by the worst of it will not be us. Our descendants will live in a world constantly on fire, literally, as smoke bellows from one side of the Earth to another carried by gulf streams and once rare-turned-common winds and storms.

Many pin their hopes on carbon capture technologies that are years away from realisation. And though the pandemic has created breakthroughs in medicine that could lead to cures for terminal illnesses and in-turn, inspire funding to other areas including climate mitigation, those in charge are not the right candidates to ensure they do.

So why don’t we do something about it? Are those with the power to cure the smoking of a planet not in the least bit concerned? Is it the fact they will be long gone before the symptoms turn into an infection? The issue is, we are the infection, and the symptoms will wipe us out.

At the heart of it all, it has been years of a long culture of snobbery that has chuckled at climate activists branded hippies in order to further a fossil fuel industry. Years of berating and silencing climate justice litigation and meaningful change has hindered any progress. Now we’re past the point of such mockery, deliberation forms in the shape of complacency emboldened by the systems piloted by a insidious conservative mainframe.

But don’t give into climate doom. As much as we pivot towards it, there are reasons to be positive. Collective pressure, voting to relieve climate injustice and campaigning with local groups are but a few actions we can partake in that deal great progress. It may not be such a long road if we do.

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