Review: Suicide Boys – ‘Long Term Effects Of Suffering’

The New Orleans outfit try again but end up coasting their way through an album that is finished before it gets started.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I felt a little shortchanged upon it finishing. ‘Long Term Effects of Suffering‘ exhibits a torrent of incredible production, but it leaves much to be desired after it’s 33 minutes of flow time abruptly ends with little to show for it.

Production is a solid offering from a group that made waves in their previous outing, though it is marred by a tired lyrical composition that is dated and recycled.

Each track reads as the one before, with a 1-2 minute cycle that can be classed as anything but a song. Sure it is music, and it can be argued that the industry payout makes for a lack of incentive to create anything more than 2 minutes. But as seen from plenty of other artists who are consistently putting out work that exceeds 3 minutes upon each track, there is no excuse.

The album does have its moments, as the duo put out some dope rhymes here and there:

“So tragic, my baggage comes with no back-up
Breakin’ patterns; like splittin’ atoms, it ain’t happenin’
Cycles spin, psychosis wins, the world spins”

Shouting out their content can be excused for style, but it takes a lot to be able to understand a group that lacks any clarity to allow us to get in rhythm. The magic of feeling its content is lost, as we felt the need to read the lyrics as opposed to rap along with it. Lets hope for something better in the future.

Stream the full album:

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