Taliban Close In On Kabul According to Reports

Militant group cause mass panic as Ghani refuses to step down.

The United States government began evacuations of its Afghanistan based staff using between 3-5,000 troops.

The Taliban claim rapid gains across the country is a showcase of how accepted they are by the Afghan people.

Though in reality, the Afghan government struggled to recruit troops having also dealt with desertions, corruption and the Taliban by comparison command 100,000 plus fighters.

In the capital of Kabul, scenes are different. Mass panic has ensued with people unsure of what to do as the militant group circle the outskirts of the city according to reports.

More concerning, are the expectations of what will happen to government workers as soon as the Taliban reach Kabul. As of 2019, nearly 5,000 women are serving in the Afghan security forces.

The country’s president, Ashraf Ghani, has refused to step down and has instead called for support from the global community having held talks with several nations.

Britain are expected to end diplomatic ties with the country should the Taliban take control.

The UK government has also drafted a plan to withdraw its envoy and staff.

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