The Drones That Plant Trees Faster Than Humans

As the race to mitigate the effects of climate change hastens, technology is stepping in.

Tech company ‘Dendra systems’ which is using drones to plant trees, known as ‘aerial seeding’, is hoping its methods will inspire and mitigate the effects of climate breakdown.

The company says its drones can carry 50 species of tree at a time, which are able to plant up to 60 hectares each day carrying the weight of 700 kg.

Dendra’s drones are able to seed more than 420m trees within a 24 hour period. Coupled with the fact multiple species of trees are shot into the ground at rapid fire precision greatly increases the benefits for biodiversity.

The technology offers a safer way to plant trees and reduce the risks of them being logged and destroyed as the drones are able to plant in hard to reach areas.

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