Take Note – The Hip-Hop Artists You Have To Hear

We all love lists, we all love Hip-Hop. So why not make a thing of it?

We’re familiar with the usual suspects of the UK scene. As a pie, Hip-Hop stirs a mountainous mixture for some of the best lyricism and innovation in production. But there is a crust, and once you break it, it is full of juicy music goodness laden with head-bopping energy that will make you say ‘oooo, ahhh’ and smile.

In no particular order, these are some of the best-underrated rappers offering varying degrees of Hip-Hop energy that you need to hear right now.

Melanin 9

Melanin 9 (formerly known as M9) has been in the scene for a minute now, conjuring spell upon a spell of lyric madness. His consistency and perfectionism have earned him acclaim and bullet points within any list of best rappers alive.

A technically gifted and fundamentally Hip-Hop minded artist, Melanin 9 is not only one to pin to the top of your head, but will stick out like a sore thumb on any playlist you compile him in. He is a technically gifted rapper armed with a barrage of content that is hypnotically charged to make you take note.

Check out: ‘Black Dahlia’ with Eets & bsd.u

Isatta Sheriff

Mixing style and clever wordplay, Isatta Sheriff is a golden choice for any collection. Incredible flows coupled with an aptitude for music production curation, these selections ensure that her sensational lyrics are framed for maximum effect.

If you’re hungry for someone new to clip from an ever growing and oversaturated music scene, Sheriff is one to bank on following her latest release ‘A Kind of Biography’ where she paints a vivid picture full of narratives and storytelling. There is something for everyone when you invest your time in such an artist as Isatta Sheriff.

Check out: ‘Rooftop scenes


He’s a man of fun, love and bad ass beats. His stirring of music has a will of trophy creating production which is contagious.

There has been a steady release of music from Scrulove over the years with enough experience under him to say he is accomplished in what he does. Not only is he an incredible producer, but his lyrical dispatch is polished and authentic. Don’t sleep on this man, I promise you will blast his music on repeat.

Check out: ‘Mona Lisa’s New Coke


You’re on a rollercoaster when you listen to the battering ram that is Dvnz (pronounced Danz).

Having taken time out to collect his thoughts, the man is back to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And yes, he’s all out of gum. There is a steady stream of new music being released on platforms including the masterful ‘Fvego’ adventure, ‘Vibes’, ‘A Bientot’ and more.

From the moment you flick that play button, Dvnz’s voice, disciplined flow and arsenal of bewildering lyrical assembly will have you wanting to rewind and say ‘what!!!!’

Check out: ‘Fvego II

Bobbie Johnson

We know for a fact she has new music coming out soon. The Brighton based flow master guarantees you’ll love what is on offer from her catalogue of thought. Her wicked sense of recital, driven from tales that will roll your stomach has been on offer for years and her metaphorical chops will prove enough for all lovers of the genre to appreciate her genius.

Continuing to impress, she hasn’t slipped up one bit as the artist refines and reinvents herself to the delight of music lovers everywhere. You will not get bored of Johnson one bit.

Check out: ‘You Say


He hasn’t stopped. From tracks such as ‘My House’ featuring ‘Kdot Melody’ and ‘Legacy’, Ayite gestures a distinct style and flow like steam escaping a pot of boiling water. It’s smooth, full of context and intelligent delivery backed by a mixture of different sounds that he makes his own.

Furthermore, what makes Ayite an exceptional artist, is the catchy hooks included with each track he works on. Banded together with dope content and you’ve got yourself one to watch.

Check out: ‘My House’ with Kdot Melody


What can I say? Nolay is incredible. A veteran rapper who has transcended various genres, she never slips up and never gives in when it comes to asserting control.

Nolay’s dedication and workmanship is first class. Not only does she kill any beat she touches, but buries it with sharp and heavy content that becomes the beat itself. Nolay shows no sign of cooling down with a work rate that never fluctuates and just keeps getting better and better.

Check out: ‘Corn’


Having recently released new work ‘Shoreditch’ it’s a good time to talk about the Welsh rapper.

Conjuring moments of flow that create distinction, Deyah gifts the listener with writings that reverberate throughout her delivery. Her style is another that carves paths of its own, with narrative that follows.

Her debut EP ‘Care City’, rippled through the scene kickstarting a statement of intent, gifting the viewer enormous clarity as to her artistry alongside indelible identity.

Check out: ‘Hush

Larwood & Koh

You will instantly like Larwood & Koh and the beats Larwood treads his words upon courtesy of producer Koh. A spaghetti rhythm of verbalicious style, Larwood & Koh is a gift to the playlist if you’re looking for something newer and different.

In a scene lacking imagination in visual solutions, Larwood and Koh bite the track instead of the train in terms of aesthetic presence. Not only are they gifted in what they do, their visual thread avoids the constant of shaky cameras, smoke grenades and shiny car content. Sewing a story alongside that and you’ve got yourself quite the duo.

Check out: Donedusted (ft Verbz)

Karl Sage

Having started with debut EP ‘The Hunter, Karl Sage rocked the underground impressing with a vision that simmered the taste buds of traditional Hip-Hop heads and those looking for something better.

He followed his debut up with album ‘The Picture Of Dorian Sage’, which was well received by many featuring tracks including ‘City Overtones’ (featuring Melanin 9) and ‘Blank Canvas’.

He appeases all with careful word and production selection thanks to collaborations with producer ‘GG Penney’.

Check out: ‘Take a Look Around You


Her most recognised tune has to be R&B flavour ‘Like This’, which burst through the airwaves, tickling the feet of the unwilling. An infectious, dance worthy and trend setting track, this perked our ears and got us listening.

Creating colourful and moorish beats you can step to, R.A.E. is constantly hitting the mark. Although she isn’t strictly Hip-Hop, when she does spit a bar, it’s quite something. Complimented by dance routines, positive vibes and scratch worthy songs, you can’t go wrong. Her talent, not to mention dress sense is as catchy as your favourite music ever. She’s out to have fun and enjoy her craft, something we can all get down with.

Check out: ‘Listen Up

Cyrus Malachi

Dope. Dope dope dope! This man is a wizard when it comes to the microphone, spitting the illest verses, matching the sickest beats.

As one eighth (I think) of Triple Darkness, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as the wordsmith cracks knuckles and swings swords (lyrically speaking) to an array of topics.

It’s worth checking out his debut album ‘Ancient future’ which features bar upon bar of energy that smacks the ears and destroys your earbuds from the sheer insatiable lust this man has for delivery.

Check out: ‘Animal Circus

Think we’ve missed someone? Send us an email and we’ll be sure to check them out for our next instalment of ‘Take Note‘.

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