Listen To Collars’ New EP – ‘Everything Present 1’

Cambridge based duo have added yet another banger to their discography with a new EP.

Beginning with one heck of a tune ‘Over You‘, the two wo/man band begin their EP journey in style as they cultivate a session of 21 minutes over 6 tracks and far more than the market is offering at present.

Followed by the well-known song ‘Hey Lizzie, Lay it On Me‘ it jumps into well structured ‘Jeremiah‘ which mashes thrashing cymbals, pining vocals and signature style guitar strings.

It slows down into ‘Only You‘ before transitioning into an even more relaxed ‘Gemini‘, a song reminiscing of days gone by through a wistful Danielle Goldstein supported by a tenacious Kane on percussion duty. We’re gifted a gem in its finale of ‘I Do‘ which sails us out from a hospitable Collars who have done themselves justice on ‘Everything Present 1‘.

Listen to Everything Present 1 below:

We’re impressed by the wide range of instrumental inclusion, fearlessness to chase what they enjoy and going the extra mile to balance music that hits the sweet spot of between 3-4 minutes as opposed to 2-21/2 minutes put out by many musicians of late. Their enjoyment in constructing this project shows in a high quality project.

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