‘Donda’ Drops And Kanye Does His Yeezy Thing

The legendary Hip-Hop mogul finally releases new album.

After months, years even of speculation, Kanye has finally released ‘Donda’. Following weeks teasing the project it is available via all streaming platforms.

Having started as a producer, most notably for Jay-Z, he went on to light the industry ablaze using varied sound deployment sometimes touching the centre of new genres.

The new album was named after his late mother Donda West who passed away in 2007. It was originally scheduled for release in the summer but faced delay upon delay which many attributed to West’s perfectionist traits. It was showcased at numerous listening parties which featured plenty of publicity stunts. All the while, West was living from a room within the Mercedes Benz arena, Atlanta.

The album sports 27 tracks featuring appearances from artists including Jay-Z. The Weeknd, Lil’Baby, Baby Keem, Ariana Grande and veterans the Lox. It’s artwork is entirely black.

Stream the new album below:

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