Tia Lowe: “I try to always look at the positive side of things even when things go a bit wrong”

Introducing Tia Lowe, London based singer songwriter whose maiden song ‘Rockaboat’ caught our ears alongside the arrival of new song ‘GLDN’.

Soul-singer Tia Lowe is a compendium of soft vocalisations, having found a perfect fusion for her number one instrument. Recruiting instrumentals of a neo-lo-fi-soul calibre, she has brought new styles to a pendulum of variation where she swings freely to her own tune. With an air of ’90s sound, Tia Lowe is making her way through the industry on her own boat.

S: Thanks for joining us. How are you?

Tia: Hiya thank you for having me. I’m doing well thank you!

S: What would you say your sound is and how do you perceive it?

Tia: I would say my sound is more soul than anything. I do like to mess around with different genres especially jazz but I always like to put a lot of feeling into whatever music I am making so that’s why I’d say I’m more Soul than anything.

S: Does your work connect to a certain audience or do you prefer to steer clear of genre labels?

Tia: I don’t think I have a particular audience, I want everybody to be involved when listening to my music. I just want people to connect with my lyrics and really feel me when I sing.

S: What’s important to you when considering the potential of a track?

Tia: So, I am quite a perfectionist and so are the producers I work with so it usually takes some time to release tracks even though we have so much music in the vault! But the main thing I consider is if it’s something I really love and connect to. A lot of my music tells a story and the lyrics are honest. They’re usually about situations I’ve been in or thoughts I have regularly, so if I think I’m creating something really raw and real, I believe it will always have potential.

S: Your latest work is ‘GLDN’, how did it come about and what was the process like creating it?

Tia: Well…“GLDN” was a project that took a while to come together but the genius of producers AJ Jones & Lou Mullenger (who co-produced the track) really brought the magic to it. It started off just AJ & I. When I wrote the lyrics it flowed naturally because it was a message I believed in, the song is about friendship and it’s really about always being there and bigging up your friends. We then brought the track to Lou Mullenger who really added some sparkle to it, adding all the little subliminal sounds that secretly please your ears!

S: Who is repeating on your playlist right now?

Tia: Ooo that’s a hard one, there are so many artists who’s music I am in love with right now! But I would have to say Mary J Blige’s Album “My Life”. It’s so timeless, my Mum introduced me to it a while ago and it has been on repeat ever since.

S: How does your work connect to your identity?

Tia: I would say my work is always quite positive. My songs are very heartfelt, loving and honest. I would say this describes the kind of person I am. I like to spread and give love, I try to always look at the positive side of things even when things go a bit wrong. Generally I want the music to share these good vibrations with my audience.

S: How has your local scene encouraged your development as an artist?

Tia: My local scene…well I live in quite a quiet area so most of my gigs and things like that are not near where I live. However, I am very lucky to have a Mum who works in the music industry as a producer and always wants to get involved with my music and help evolve it. She lets me use her studio when it’s available and always encourages me to be creative! Something she has always said that sticks with me is – “surround yourself with greatness and you too will be great.”

S: What’s coming next from you?

Tia: I have a cheeky little single on the way which is very catchy and musically beautiful thanks to AJ & Lou AGAIN! I have an array of songs all different styles that I’m working on releasing as time goes on and hopefully some music videos too!

S: Do you have any performances coming up ?

Tia: At present, I do not, however someone I used to gig for regularly before lockdown has been in touch so hopefully I can get some live music in this year!!

Stylist: Cherilyn Albert
Photography: Ty Faruki

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