Climate Breakdown Wields Its Ugly Hand In Storm Ida. New York Now Under Threat

Climate emergency shows no mercy as Storm Ida rips through American south.

The absurdity of climate denial was in the spotlight yet again as the south of the United States was pummelled by astonishing weather.

What makes Storm Ida different, is that the temperature is hotter, the hurricane is wetter and the destruction caused is greater. All courtesy of anthropogenic climate change.

Infrastructure worldwide has time and time again proven to global governments that it is not up to standard when disasters hastened by climate breakdown arrive.

The British isles will not fair any better either, as historically winter plays host to flooding and economic disruption on a constant basis. Not so long ago, DEFRA, Britain’s environmental agency, was flooded itself. Much of this down to disarray in Parliament due to delays and refusals to fund climate mitigation strategies.

In the United States, Louisiana, already located near the Mississippi River, was coming to terms with the destruction of the climate emergency.

Over several years, sea level rise played a role in water levels that were slowly digesting the land. So much so, that the area saw some of the west’s first climate refugees as many residents lost homes to the slow burn.

Storm Ida’s death toll currently stands at 6, following search and rescue missions and many sewage systems are now out of order.

In New York, record breaking rain has forced travellers to seek shelter in subway systems with many trapped underground overnight from as late as 10pm onwards. The Mayor has now enforced a travel ban following the launch of a state of emergency. Flooding has taken lives and travel networks are now underwater.

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