Soldiers Depose President In Guinean Coup D’etat

President Alpha Condé has allegedly been removed from power.

A coup d’etat in the west African state of Guinea has begun in which the President, Alpha Condé, was removed from office. It was carried out by Guinean special forces following a stand off between loyalist troops and forces acting on behalf of colonel Mamady Doumbouya.

Nigeria’s foreign ministry said the overthrow violated the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) rules, while United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres condemned the coup.

The mastermind behind the attack, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, assumed power saying that he wants to “end poverty and endemic corruption.”

Soldiers announced the apparent coup on state television and posed for a photo with the President (pictured) in a surreal moment as they allegedly claim governmental control.

Mr Doumbouya read aloud a statement claiming he has “dissolved government and institutions.” He addressed the public saying: “We are going to rewrite a constitution together.”

Nationals of the country were alleged to be celebrating the coup.

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