Chin Check: Symba – A Rapper You Need To Know

Atlanta based artist offers an alternative to the strange world of Hip-Hop we’re now living through.

It seems that, the more basic the rhyme the more acclaim a rapper will receive. There is a small selection of a dying breed that carry the true role of Hip-Hop with them, avoiding the unnecessary gimmicks of autotune and cash grab styles.

Symba is one such artist who boasts a waterbed’s flow which simply put – is a cut above his colleagues.

When I first heard his music, I was wide eyed and truly blown away by the work rate and attention to detail within his content. But it was the intensity of his flow alongside the curation of music production that added fuel to the fire.

His latest offering taps up all manners of tastes, switching from one subtype to another, a testament to the skill he has cultivated. It has been a year since the drop of his debut album ‘Don’t Run From R.A.P.’ which continues to be a release of fresh air, incorporating tones of hygge rap feels that will either move you forward or take you back. Which ever that is, it’s good.

If you haven’t already listened to it, make sure you do, it’s a classic and they’re hard to come by in a world of weekly releases.

Listen below:

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