Ramblings Of A Thought, Independence Of, Is A Myth

What is important and what is not? What are our own thoughts and what are not?

These questions are often prompted throughout the day, often rising from the depths of cognitive function at some point within our lives. How we begin them depends on the certainty of rank. Rank within a set of particulars we have personally curated to extend interest in a specific portent of activities that will manipulate the manner of our day. But have we curated the importance of such pursuits or are we extracting the significance of another’s interests?

Independence of thought is not an interesting concept. 

This statement is as independent as it gets. Though, at the same time, is not independent. Debate within society regarding the concept of independent thought is ironically rooted in communal participation. The idea of discourse of the subject leaves us retiring from the activity, not with independent thought but a set of someone else’s ideas ruminating long enough to be programmed within our human system. That is if a person agrees with them. We can be inspired and influenced in a myriad of ways, though independent thought will always be categorised into a limited cache based upon cultural growth and principles we identify with, no matter where we live in the world.

One may outgrow such cultural restrictions, albeit, minimally if identity is to be retained. We mature in a number of ways, often beginning with acceptance of who we are, to rebellion, later seeking an alternate identity, camouflaging within society and finally – reluctant acceptance. No matter what stage of life we are at, in between each of these variables lies manipulation of thought logged within a vestibule of the brain somewhere.

In the end, we’re not trained to obey but participate in the structure of a team providing variables attempting to locate panaceas through lasting discourse that endeavour to eliminate slow production, extrapolating best practice directions. Best practice directions that are based on the limited processes of economic organisation. Imagine the status of the global community if it were discombobulated with independent thought? Or would it be so bad? Independent thought could be highly disruptive if propagated consistently upon each person. As such, the limits of independent thinking within an organisational realm remain ‘be a team player’. Independently, we continue to approach modes of acceptability based upon creeds of particular cultures we wish to be associated with. Ergo, a lack of independent thought.

Either way, we’re all subjugated to some form of tribalistic psychology. No matter the team you pick, their rank is a matter of who you agree with, who agrees with you and therefore is of little importance overall. Even less important, if that team inflicts harm unto others for their betterment. So maybe there is a rank of some sort? Even deciding to live on a desert island, naked, cracking coconuts to get away from the world is a concept lacking in philosophical liberation. Independent thought is interesting, but seldom if at all independent.

Photograph: Public domain images

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