Confucius MC Takes Us ‘Somewhere’ On New Release

Filled with incredible instrumentals provided by Keor Meteor, Confucius MC does it again on new drop ‘Somewhere.’


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Opening with jazz-infused production, the London rapper slips us a Hip-Hop pill right away on ‘Welcome to Somewhere‘ plugged with a film monologue that sets the tone of the album. We’re then drummed into the next track ‘Land of the free‘ where Confucius MC slaps down some poetry built with philosophical musings that follow a narrative where you feel included and immersed in story.

On ‘Light Years‘, CMC continues his melodic travels perpetuating a smooth fold of relaxed lyrical dispatch where he tells us: “My pen is like a bayonet, aware that it’s a dream but I stay in it, suspend the disbelief when I play in it”

Then we come to the title track that introduced us to the album – ‘World Stage‘ featuring an ever ill Jehst, who professes on par with CMC where they both damage the track as brothers of the same label. CMC fires off “lost my way, became a victim of ambition, lent my dreams out, but now I control my vision” before Jehst chips in: “eyes on the iPhone, you’re exposed to everything, information overload” in a jibe towards internet culture no matter what side of the fence you sit on.

The adventure continues and as the album advances, it continues to drop a massive kick of serious titan in songwriting that only gets better. On ‘Gazpacho soup‘, he samples the show ‘Red Dwarf’ where he whips bars over snares and cymbal lavished hits where drums melt below CMCs uncompromising ability.

Somewhere‘ reeks of dopeness. The production list is carefully strung together to provide Hip-Hop heads with something we can all get down to. Not only is the production of incredible value, but CMCs songwriting abilities are paramount, cementing him as a paragon of rap. We’ve only ever given a 5 star rating 3 times before as we feel they shouldn’t be given out like candy. But we’re happy to give Confucius MC more if he keeps this up, and no doubt he will as heard on prior releases.

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